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November 18, 2014
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March 23, 2015
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“DivisionOrders.com is dedicated to helping owners and operators communicate needs and requirements for successful projects and payments.”

What is a Division Order?

A Division Order is a written outline that directs the distribution of proceeds from the sale of oil and gas. The Division Order describes the property involved and the ownership interest of individual owners. It can also be a schedule of owners and their decimal ownership share in revenues of a well’s production derived from sale of oil or gas.

How we help our clients:

Today’s energy sector has many factors involved and guidance from professionals is essential.

Q: How do I understand my Division Order?

A: We work with all operators to help educate each owner understand and confirm their interests.

Q: What do all the numbers and figures mean?

A: The sale of energy products and the decimal interest, unit size, and well API are all important numbers to reference. Let us guide you through the process!

New source for data and review.

DivisionOrders.com has a wide range of entrenched industry professionals working many decades bringing together some of the top minds and source information for our clients. The natural energy movement is no longer on the horizon. We all live our lives completely attached to it. New technology continues to provide better sources for servicing our growing population and at the same time preserving personal, financial, and legal roles.

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