Accounting has industry specific accounting staff that understands the power and importance of numbers and record keeping. Keeping track of your projects accounting is essential for viability in the tough and competitive energy marketplace.

Owner: If you’re an owner and the task of calculating your billing and division order statements is something that keeps you away from the rest of your life, let us help you. Understanding the facets of production, stock market prices, construction, waste, and transportation costs can be daunting. Having someone in your corner to help explain and track expenses for you is well worth the convenience.

Operator: If you’re an operator and the bookkeeping of lease acquisition, investor pro formas, division order calculations, monthly billing and production tallies have you and your team seeing double, call for an analysis of how we serve you better. We can greatly reduce your worries and concerns by providing a dedicated accounting staff to your company.

Asset Management: works with Trustees, Estate Planners, Financial Institutions, and Investment Brokerage Firms nationwide to assist and document many aspects of the energy sector. Managing your portfolio for energy assets by someone who understands the industry is vital with the changing laws and regulations in this ever changing energy environment. Let’s talk about what your expectations are and how we can connect and help you get to your financial goals.

Forensic Accounting: In addition to our monthly staff and billing services we provide forensic accounting for any depth of review. Have you been audited? Have you been asked by the courts to provide additional background metrics used in calculating expenses? Does your project require extensive banking and financing regimens? Are you in need of tax assistance with your energy assets? has worked with national and international accountants to assist with a wide variety of accounting issues. Tax negotiations and governmental co-ops are an integral part of making a success in today’s energy sector. Call and talk to a professional that can help get you answers in your area or have us speak with your accountant and legal team to get the latest information.

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