Operators have a very unique perspective on the well development side of the energy sector.  For operators it is essential to have access to an (IOR) Interest Owners Relations Department. Maintaining your working partner’s expectations and revenue stream can be a huge task. DivisonOrders.com sets up a customized external (IOR) Department to assist with your accounting needs. In addition we provide: Due Diligence, Project Management, Title, Curative, Accounting, and Investor/Partner Relations improvement services.

We work with your investors, owners, and field crew to get you the data and resources to make a successful venture.  Call us for updated leasing information, geographic, seismic and governmental permitting and regulation requirements.

We have worked within many Federal entities to help in ROW, Indian Lands, and BLM permitting for a number of national and international companies.  Our team has worked for operators from Columbia to Canada.  The U.S. has been our focus with all major oil and gas plays, from the Northeast to the Southwest.

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With JIB ASSIST in place, operators have the ability to research, find data, and keep the owner billing and accounting services on track while connecting the land, division order, title and accounting departments together in one real time web-based system.